The future

It has been a recurring experience. There is something about thinking of the future that lightens up my days and brings wonder and a sense of possibilities to my life. Not talking here about my future, but the future: the future of human kind, where things are headed into as a whole.

For a pessimist, this would be an insult. Looking at how things are at the moment: climate change, economic crisis, the billions of people reproducing every minute, the strange and wild sicknesses that are appearing, wars and violence, the fight for resources, etc, etc… the future does not look very bright. But, this would be seeing only one aspect of today’s world.

Fact is there are very interesting things happening too. All the above are pushing into the realization that resources are limited and that the world in which we slept and felt everything would be ok is not so unless a REAL change comes into place. The need for FAST solutions exist. This is pushing people into becoming more aware of their effect in their world (I hope!) and that what I do here, can affect you over there. There is also a sense of needing to discern between what will bring good solutions with what is not necessary.

Yet, what most excites me about the future has to do with the mind-boggling discoveries and technological advances happening in the areas of health, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, space travel, etc., etc. The time for a very different way of living is coming… something so different that our grandparents and their parents couldn’t possibly have imagined.  The things to come will also affect the way we perceive the world and our place in creation… and that is very exciting.

PS. Have to add here that very possibly extremists will become more extreme… which is not necessarily positive.

The greyness will become more black and white.

I still find it exciting though.


~ by qb on November 1, 2008.

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