The proverbial question, amidst the current economic roller coaster [feast for all good-hearted economists]

“what would I do if I had plenty of money and I could spend it in any way I wanted?”

Different responses came from different parts of me, but it was one of these that gave me clarity on how money is mostly used.

Just go to your nearest shopping centre and take some minutes to watch people spending their money. How many people do you think are really needing what they buy? I mean REALLY needing it..

It is kind of funny that some people use shopping as a therapy, to get away from feeling depressed or sad or give their low self esteem a boost. It is a bit like taking an aspirin to calm and soothe, but the problem hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, the more I think about it the more is stops becoming funny and it starts becoming scary… Is our today’s world so empty?

Some people live their lives for this:

find a good job – to get some money – to satisfy some weird pleasure of spending – to look good in society – to feel they are actually accomplishing something – to escape from their pains and hurts

[Eeek…. I can’t help myself asking another question, am I doing that right now? Am I using this to escape something else or to build and construct some necessary block for the future?]


~ by qb on October 29, 2008.

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