The right decision

Something that I’ve consistently found difficult at times is deciding what to do. I often find myself thinking on ‘what I should’ versus ‘what I want’. There are several levels to the what I should question. What I should could be measured towards, what I believe is right, the values I have, the experiences that have showed me ‘this is right, don’t do that’, etc… This, I have found does not necessarily provides the right answer as it is usually mental, logical, intellectual. Should is not necessarily ‘right’.

The what I want question sometimes goes on a very different direction. It has to do with instinct. It is more of a feeling, something that is not necessarily explainable in terms of logic. This too doesn’t necessarily provide the ‘right’ answer.

So what to do? [This question here automatically brings visions of seeing my endless reflection in a mirror within a mirror…]

What is the right decision?

I have several options… for the sake of this posting let’s call them A, B and C.

If I keep pondering on this I am drawn to the question what do I want, again. In the broader sense, my answer is Truth, ultimately.

So, which one, A, B or C, will bring me closer to this? Is there a D option I have not considered? [Damn, it is getting complicated…]

Perhaps logic is here to the rescue. What should I within what I want? Mmmmhhh, I am not convinced. Maybe the right decision lies in just going for what I want, a sense of illogical satisfaction? I am still not convinced.

Maybe it is all about choosing and hoping it was the right decision. After all, there is only one life to be lived at any particular moment.

Or… perhaps, it is about prioritizing. In which case, I have decided C is the best choice, but if xyz variables, most of them out of my reach, do not occur within a certain time frame, only A and B will be left. Then B will become the right decision.  But, choosing B means not choosing A. If B turns out to be fruitless, then I would have lost A. That is when D comes in…. I hope.

There you go. The world of decision making made easy. [Or not.]


~ by qb on October 26, 2008.

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