A weird world

Couldn’t help myself on this one.

I was reading about an escapee that was held captive for 8 years by the FARC, the Colombian guerrilla. The piece of news – Colombia hostage rescue – mentioned how he was helped by the person that was holding him captive.

For his cooperation, this ex-rebel has been rewarded with cash and French asylum, along with his girlfriend… Now here is where a part of me just goes… what? The world is going through a major crisis, people are loosing their jobs, there are continous – and growing – problems with immigration from ‘third world’ (a totally old-fashioned term) countries to places like the US, France, UK, Australia, … and now you are telling me that this rebel is earning a reward?


I must be in the wrong place at the wrong time… or I just need to meet the right people. There is something not quite right somewhere…


~ by qb on October 26, 2008.

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