Dream or reality

For some reason, this time of changes is bringing back some wild ideas.

I’ve always been fascinated with the fine line between dream and reality. Perception. What makes some things feel real, while others seem pure fantasy?

Won’t go into philosophical wanderings at the moment. The issue maintenant is, to what extent dream life – all those hours that a person spends sleeping and dreaming – determine  the type of perception a person has on their waking hours.

It is common to think about it the other way around. Psychologists would probably say dreams are a way for the unconscious and semiconscious to manifest and come out. How many times have you dreamt of something that seemed an insignificant detail of your waking life? Like a box of matches you saw on the table of the restaurant you were eating with friends. It was just there, nothing too imposing about it. But then it manages to come back as a main theme during the dream, maybe the words that were printed there, or the colors, etc… [perhaps nowadays finding a box of matches on top of the table at a restaurant is becoming an antiquity as in many, many public spaces smoking is becoming a thing of the past – thank civilization! – anyway, this is another topic, but you get what I am talking about here, don’t you?]

So, back to the topic. What if it was the other way around too? What if what you and I dream – all of us, really – also feeds the waking consciousness? And if so, when do you say STOP! and start all over again, anew?

Imagine… from the moment you are born, you start feeding this consciousness standing in a human body, and it goes on, and on, and on, and on… until you die. Sleeping at night doesn’t mean it stops, it means it enters a type of hibernation mode. But it is still on…

You enter a human body [it might be that a posting on, “No, you are not your physical body, regardless of what scientists and materialism suggests” is needed at this point] and  you start receiveing all sorts of impulses from the external world. Sounds, smells, tastes, emotions, all sorts of sensations then filtered through the senses and the neurological system to make something coherent that the brain can use [or so it is supposed to be]. And you – and I – start accumulating all sorts of data. One thing leads to the other, and to the other and to other… and then you die [I’ll leave the topic of reencarnation for a future posting].

So when does it stop? When do you – and I – realize that things might not be what they seem to be? What you – and I – think we are is not exactly like that? That things might be only the result of some perception, a twisted perception, of reality. When do you – and I – really wake-up?

And HOW?

PS. Just in case you are wondering… NO, I do not smoke pot.


~ by qb on October 25, 2008.

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