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As the months go by, I live and laugh, but where’s the write?

Nothing too inspiring to say, but Plotinus may:

“Withdraw into yourself and look. And if you do not fine yourself beautiful yet, act as does the creator of a statue that is to be made beautiful: he cuts away here, he smoothes there, he makes this line lighter, this other purer, until a lovely face has grown his work. So do you also: cut away all that is excessive, straighten all that is crooked, bring light to all that is overcast, labor to make all one glow or beauty and never cease chiseling your statue, until there shall shine out on you from it the godlike splendor of virtue, until you see the perfect goodness surely established in the stainless shrine”



The future

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It has been a recurring experience. There is something about thinking of the future that lightens up my days and brings wonder and a sense of possibilities to my life. Not talking here about my future, but the future: the future of human kind, where things are headed into as a whole.

For a pessimist, this would be an insult. Looking at how things are at the moment: climate change, economic crisis, the billions of people reproducing every minute, the strange and wild sicknesses that are appearing, wars and violence, the fight for resources, etc, etc… the future does not look very bright. But, this would be seeing only one aspect of today’s world.

Fact is there are very interesting things happening too. All the above are pushing into the realization that resources are limited and that the world in which we slept and felt everything would be ok is not so unless a REAL change comes into place. The need for FAST solutions exist. This is pushing people into becoming more aware of their effect in their world (I hope!) and that what I do here, can affect you over there. There is also a sense of needing to discern between what will bring good solutions with what is not necessary.

Yet, what most excites me about the future has to do with the mind-boggling discoveries and technological advances happening in the areas of health, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, space travel, etc., etc. The time for a very different way of living is coming… something so different that our grandparents and their parents couldn’t possibly have imagined.  The things to come will also affect the way we perceive the world and our place in creation… and that is very exciting.

PS. Have to add here that very possibly extremists will become more extreme… which is not necessarily positive.

The greyness will become more black and white.

I still find it exciting though.


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There is power in an idea whose time has come.


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The proverbial question, amidst the current economic roller coaster [feast for all good-hearted economists]

“what would I do if I had plenty of money and I could spend it in any way I wanted?”

Different responses came from different parts of me, but it was one of these that gave me clarity on how money is mostly used.

Just go to your nearest shopping centre and take some minutes to watch people spending their money. How many people do you think are really needing what they buy? I mean REALLY needing it..

It is kind of funny that some people use shopping as a therapy, to get away from feeling depressed or sad or give their low self esteem a boost. It is a bit like taking an aspirin to calm and soothe, but the problem hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, the more I think about it the more is stops becoming funny and it starts becoming scary… Is our today’s world so empty?

Some people live their lives for this:

find a good job – to get some money – to satisfy some weird pleasure of spending – to look good in society – to feel they are actually accomplishing something – to escape from their pains and hurts

[Eeek…. I can’t help myself asking another question, am I doing that right now? Am I using this to escape something else or to build and construct some necessary block for the future?]

A little poll…

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I wonder how many people put more attention on the inner than the outer…

On resistance

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What makes some people turn away instead of facing the issue that would help them move forward in their lives?

What makes people become stuck in the same pattern, attract the same type of situations or people?

Sometimes I have found this is linked to fear. But fear is usually just an indication that the person is not wanting to feel something else.

What is that something else: PAIN

Pain that seems soooo unbearable that we rather keep our lives stuck and miserable instead of taking the bull by the horns and just bloody feeling it.  Although I may say here, this pain is not usually accessible, precisely because there are defence mechanisms in place that bury it somewhere.

We all have pain, the fact that we don’t feel it doesn’t mean it is not there.

Feeling it can be quite liberating and save time, games, stupidity and a hell lot of nonsense on the way.

Just observe people around you. Can you feel their pain? Can you feel the ways they numb it? Are they aware of it and carry it ‘gracefully’? Or are they totally oblivious to it?

An Albert Einstein quote I like is

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Here I’d apply it to not just thinking but feeling. Unless you feel that which you do not want to feel, you are probably go through life without realizing there is something else awaiting. As to what this is… that is another topic.

Time to feel.

A weird world

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Couldn’t help myself on this one.

I was reading about an escapee that was held captive for 8 years by the FARC, the Colombian guerrilla. The piece of news – Colombia hostage rescue – mentioned how he was helped by the person that was holding him captive.

For his cooperation, this ex-rebel has been rewarded with cash and French asylum, along with his girlfriend… Now here is where a part of me just goes… what? The world is going through a major crisis, people are loosing their jobs, there are continous – and growing – problems with immigration from ‘third world’ (a totally old-fashioned term) countries to places like the US, France, UK, Australia, … and now you are telling me that this rebel is earning a reward?


I must be in the wrong place at the wrong time… or I just need to meet the right people. There is something not quite right somewhere…